Available for iOS6 and iOS7
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"The first time I played head-to-head, I stayed up all night. It was so addictive." --- Sal Torres
Towerful offers a new take on tower defense games by adding offensive elements and innovative gameplay on the iPad. The player's mission is to build a chain of towers to reach the enemy towerbase while taking out enemy towers that launch lasers, tesla beams, rockets and fireballs as well as mining towers, communication towers, defense orbs and flying saucers. Plan your attack carefully by managing limited resources. Tap to build a tower, double tap to upgrade your tower, hold down your tower to generate a force field, swipe to recycle your tower.
The game features a tutorial, 15 game maps and a final battle map enhanced with exciting visuals such as storm clouds and hail. Original sound effects and music drive the strategy game and offer a thrilling, immersive experience. Towerful was conceived and designed by 12 year-old Mitchell Yu and 9 year-old Trenton Yu and developed for iOS6 and iOS7 by String of Games and HipWidgits.
"Towerful makes its voice heard by shifting things up a bit and becoming a tower offense game."   --- iGame

"It’s good to see a different take on the crowded tower defense genre."   --- Tapscape

Download for iOS6 and iOS7
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